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As physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and physical therapists, your primary focus is always your patients' well-being. However, you may not have extensive backgrounds in kinesiology, biomechanics, holistic health, or corrective exercise. Our experts can support your team — and your patients — with our specialized knowledge.

refers our clients to physical therapists for an evaluation before we begin our work. We also refer out any patients who are outside of our scope of practice or who need a medical-first approach.

How We Work Together

Uplift Pilates & Therapy

With our specialized deep core knowledge, we frequently collaborate with pelvic floor or general physical therapists. Here's what that process may look like:

can refer a patient who is still in physical therapy or who has graduated but would benefit from continuing deep core work.

Physical therapists

Prepares the Body


Pilates helps patients build strength, flexibility, and core stability, ensuring their bodies are better prepared for surgery. By teaching our patients basic biomechanical principles, they’re able to bolster the body's structural integrity and functional capacity.

Boosts Body Awareness

Pre-surgery Pilates can significantly reduce recovery time. Patients can improve muscle tone and support a faster healing process using scientific principles of muscle physiology, neuromuscular control, and biomechanics.

Enhances Recovery

Improves Surgical Outcomes

Patients who engage in Pilates pre-surgery often experience better surgical results, reduced complications, and an overall smoother recovery process. We see measurably better outcomes and reduced musculoskeletal complications after teaching our patients basic muscle conditioning and biomechanical optimization.

refer a patient

Together, we can help your pre-surgical patients prepare their bodies for the trauma of surgery and ultimately, enjoy a smoother, faster recovery. These are a few of the benefits of practicing Pilates before a medical procedure:

Pilates contributes to a deeper understanding of one's body through its focus on proprioception, kinesthetic awareness, muscle activation, and functional movement patterns. This heightened body awareness translates into more effective rehabilitation as patients are empowered to complete exercises and activities that support their recovery, lower the risk of complications, and streamline the healing process.

JoEllen L.

Anna’s knowledge about anatomy allows her to focus workouts on areas I need to improve on while her extensive background in pilates creates variety in the routines. Anna is one of a kind and I am so grateful I found her!

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Join us in a journey of collaborative care where we work toward the best possible outcomes for your patients' health and well-being.

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