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At Uplift Pilates & Therapy, we bridge the gap between medical professionals and fitness professionals. Through individual attention and compassionate curiosity, our Chicago Pilates studio helps our clients use movement to find relief from women’s health challenges that are typically taboo.

Elevating women’s health, one Pilates session at a time.

Whatever you’re experiencing will affect your whole body, from mood to well being to physical health. 

Lack of functional strength

prenatal preparation

unexplained infertility

Painful periods

Women battle silent health issues day after day.

birth preparation 

chronic pelvic pain

Chronic back pain 

postpartum recovery and dysfunction

painful intercourse

Menopause-related changes

We aim to uplift, body and mind.

We offer individual Pilates sessions, on-demand video content, and curated physician referrals. Informed by science and moved by empathy, we enhance your health physically and spiritually.

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Elizabeth Z. 

I have been working with Ania for over a year now and can confidently say that my time and money are well spent. 

Ania has taken great care to learn my body and understand my goals, is the right mix of encouraging and patient as we do the work, and is clearly very knowledgeable in her field. I now have less discomfort, more strength and better alignment than before. I would recommend her to anyone (though especially women) looking to restore or enhance their health.

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I’m Anna Madejska, a bio-mechanical kinesiologist, movement and manual therapist, Pilates instructor, and licensed massage therapist. As the founder of Uplift Pilates & Therapy, a Chicago Pilates studio, I’m passionate about person-first care that blends science-backed research with empathetic relationship building. I specialize in helping women address chronic feminine health issues.

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