Why Women’s Health?

I'm Anna, a first-generation Polish immigrant and the founder of Uplift Pilates & Therapy, the premier Chicago Pilates studio for women. I'm a certified Pilates instructor and a kinesiologist with a special focus on women’s health. But there's more to my story than just my professional credentials.

At just nineteen, I left my homeland to make a new home in the United States. It was a leap into the unknown, driven by my lifelong desire to pursue a career in the medical field. 

To be honest, my first year in the U.S. was a challenging one, but I was determined to keep following my dream. I enrolled in massage therapy school and worked as a massage therapist in a chiropractic office with a strong focus on medical care and therapeutic massage. 

Two years later, I enrolled in a Pilates teacher training program. This decision was deeply personal, driven by my lifelong struggle with scoliosis, which had affected me since I was just six years old. 

As I continued my education, I had the incredible opportunity to shadow physicians specializing in physical therapy, non-surgical orthopedics, family medicine, and physiatry. These experiences solidified my belief in the therapeutic potential of manual therapy, Pilates, and kinesiology. More than ever, I moved forward knowing that a holistic health approach had value and limitless potential — especially for women.

I'm here to bridge the gap between medical professionals and fitness enthusiasts. 

My experiences over the past eighteen years have led me to a profound realization: women's health departments are not as interconnected as I had assumed. 

Chronic pelvic pains, intense periods, infertility, postpartum issues, and menopause — these challenges often begin at the pelvic floor but have far-reaching effects on our entire bodies, especially our mood and overall happiness. I wholeheartedly believe in our body's innate capacity for healing, managing chronic pain, and, most importantly, prevention.

Whether it's empowering women to harness the body's natural healing abilities at the right moment or offering management strategies when full recovery isn't possible, I create a holistic, person-centered environment for healing. Together, we can embrace the incredible potential of your body and discover the joy of holistic health.

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State Licensed Massage Therapist
(European Healing and Massage Therapy School, 2006) 

Traditional and clinical Thai Bodywork
(Thai Bodywork School, 2007)

All levels of Classical Pilates Method
(Core Pilates NYC, 2009) 

Muscle Energy Technique and corrective system of teaching for rehabilitative purpose in Pilates method
(Balance Body Pilates, 2011)

Fundamentals and Corrective Exercises
(Redcord Education Program, 2013)

Fundamentals and Advanced in Kinesio Taping
(Kinesio Taping Association International, 2013)

A.S., Physical Therapy
(City Colleges of Chicago - Wilbur Wright College, 2016)

B.S., Kinesiology, Human Movement Science (pre-med)
(University of Illinois Chicago, 2018)

SOS Technologist
(CPA American Heart Association, 2021)

Graston Technique Method
(Graston Technique LLC, 2022)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
(Core Exercises Solutions, 2022)

Core and Pelvic Floor PRO Certified
(Dr. Rachel Miller, 2022)

The Team

Stephanie Brill

Jessica Lederhausen


natural fertility specialist

Stephanie Brill is a retired home birth midwife and natural fertility specialist. During her beloved career as a midwife she helped welcome over 600 babies into the world. As a natural fertility specialist she helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ families, older moms, and single moms by choice to conceive.

Stephanie also started the first at home insemination practice with the intention of demedicalizing conception for those using IUI to conceive. In the early 2000’s Stephanie wrote the groundbreaking books The Queer Parents’ Primer and The Essential guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy and Birth- a guide for all parents wanting to increase their fertility and for anyone using insemination to conceive, not just lesbians. Stephanie has always believed that everyone deserves to be themselves- and to be able to create a family. She is happy to join the team at Uplift Pilates & Therapy as a natural fertility and pregnancy support advisor.

*Stephanie will offer monthly/quarterly fertility, pregnancy and post-partum Q& A sessions

Jessica Lederhausen is a dentist, health coach, public health advocate, and founder of The Lagom Method™, a Swedish lifestyle-based toolkit that helps people embrace a grounded and balanced lifestyle.

Her passion and curiosity for educating people towards a healthier lifestyle with a focus on the mouth as the gateway to holistic health include how our posture is, where we rest our tongue, how we breathe, and more.

Being a thought leader in this field comes from her diverse accomplishments as a dentist, former pro golfer, being a serial entrepreneur, including founding TEDxChicago and being a mother of four and grandmother.

Jessica’s book, Oral: A Swedish-inspired Secret to Full Body Health Starting in Your Mouth, is all about how the reader can take control of their health, starting with their mouths, all of which connects to my career as a dentist in addition to being a public health advocate and a coach with focus on 'habit creating'. 

JoEllen L.

Working with Anna over the past three years has strengthened and lengthened my body beyond what I thought was even possible. She cues me throughout the entire workout paying attention to small details making big differences. Anna is one of a kind and I am so grateful I found her!

Through a carefully crafted blend of breathing techniques, Pilates, corrective exercises, and functional movements, I empower women to take control of their well-being. These movements, when performed with mindfulness, regularity, precision, and progression, are remarkably effective. 

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